Welcome to Global Books Foundation

Global Books Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission to stimulate intercultural understanding and preserving cultural heritage by publishing local folk tales from all over the world in a children’s book line. The proceeds of the books are donated to the education sector of the communities the stories come from. This is done through a scholarship fund for students with a poor social-economic background and by supporting schools and libraries with necessary school materials in resource poor settings.

Order our first book: “Mama Mtoto Stories from Kenya” now!
Global Books Foundation presents: “Mama Mtoto stories from Kenya”. The books of Global Books Foundation are designed to stimulate the intercultural awareness of children and to preserve cultural heritage. The book in Kenya contains an introduction on Kenya, a short Swahili language lesson, and 4 regional folk stories from 4 different regions in Kenya. The book is beautifully illustrated by Erik Weessies. 70% of the proceeds go back to the education sector of Kenya through a collaboration with Maria’s Libraries and Africa Soma in Kenya. By reading to your child from this beautiful story book, you also provide children in Kenya with the opportunity for education!

The book is available in English and Dutch.